Tokenized Utility Assets

"The essential elements of our poetry will be courage, audacity and revolt".

"Manifeste du futurism", Le Figaro, Paris, 20 Feb 1909 ~ Filippo Tommaso Marinetti


Tokenized Utility Assets (TUA) are a distinct class of digital assets that represent ownership and access rights to underlying assets, which are not blockchain-based, solely for the purpose of providing utility value to token holders in relation to the underlying asset.

Unlike traditional Real World Assets (RWA), which involve the tokenization and ownership of assets with potential financial returns, TUAs focus exclusively on granting utility benefits.


Congruent TUA Applications, not limited to:

  • Ticketing and Membership
  • Tokenized Asset Timeshare
  • Utility-Based Real Estate Tokenization
  • Collective Parking Spaces
  • Collective Commercial Equipment
  • Utility-Based Art Ownership
  • The Tokenization of Services (ToS)
  • The Tokenizaton of Resources (ToR)
  • The Tokenization of Personal Time (ToPT)